Kerrville York Rite Gallery

John McDougall Receives a 50-Year Service Award from Kerrville Council No. 240 & Kerrville Chapter 305,

T. E. “Gene” Carnes Receives the Cryptic Triangle Award, Grand Council Royal & Select Masters of Texas
Kerrville Council No. 240


Art Ramirez Receives the Cornerstone Award from Kerrville Chapter No. 305

Jim Wheeler Receives the Cryptic Triangle Award
Mark Padock Receives the Cornerstone Award
June 13, 2017

Caleb Roach Receives an Endowned Membership
April 10, 2017

50 and 60-Year Service Awards
Pictures of George Lee getting the 50-Year Service Award
Anthony Fedele Receiving his 60-Year Service Award

York Rite Awards Ceremony – April 16, 2016


Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas
Cornerstone Award to
T. E. “Gene” Carnes
Kerrville Chapter No. 305
Cryptic Triangle Award
Grand Council Royal and Select Masters of Texas to
Rowland L. Tessier
Kerrville Council No. 240



 York Rite Festival Pictures – January 23, 2016

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